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A VESSEL:  my songs are a gift from God.  A song hits out of nowhere, and once I've scribbled it down, I sit and cry for being sent something so beautiful.  Then, time to rock it out!  

LIFELONG PERFORMER: started performing my own songs at age 5 and was doing solo concerts by age 11.  

FAVE GENRES: rock, smooth R&B and trip-hop; also am a hardcore classical pianist and have won many awards in jazz.  I think you hear all of that reflected in my songs; a mix of leather and lace.

SINGER-SONGWRITER: writing from life. I was invited to an in-depth, personal interview on Ave Maria Radio last summer to talk about my acoustic Christian Rock demo.  You can check that out here

MASTER: in 2022, I was awarded the Markey Fellowship for Outstanding Woman in Ministry through Santa Clara University to obtain a Master's in Pastoral Ministries.  My expertise is on the Holy Spirit, and Pastoral Care.

FUTURE: I have a couple hundred songs waiting to record and am thrilled to have been taken under the wing of producer, Tiger Roberts.  Stay tuned for the magic.

BOOKINGS: currently through 2025.

Love, Rebecca


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About this Album

Christian RoCk

What started out as a short acoustic demo became album length due to song requests of friends and family. I'm excited to get these into full production. I enjoy hard rock and “hard classical” such as Rachmaninoff.  In full production, you’d get a meeting of the two; something comparable to Evanescence.  

Some of my favorite songs I’ve written I won’t record without a full band because they go pretty hard and there is already so much lost in translation.  This album is much calmer and very intimately me alone, in the raw. The songs were recorded back-to-back on a Saturday at Black Diamond Recording Studios in Portland, Oregon.  Thank you for your support.